Cynthia + Roberto Wedding Day @ Managua, Nicaragua.

I contacted by Cynthia, she sent me an email inquiry about my photography services. We handled everything via email, then we agreed on a face to face meeting before the wedding. Cynthia and me immediately clicked, she is so kind, humble and human. We ended up to 2 to 4 hours.

The day came up, Roberto and Cynthia treat me like i was an old time friend, her and his family was soy awesome. The Church was SO BEAUTIFUL, with that green carpet! and a thousand white roses. And the reception  @ Hotel Real Intercontinental Metrocentro was amazingly decorated, like a dream come true.

Thank you Cynthia and Roberto for be just like you are and for let me be part of your love story.


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  1. Epectaculares, nada menos por eseperar del profesional que sos.
    Felicitaciones por ese exelente trabajo Profesor Alexander.

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