Marcela + Carlos Engagement Photos.

We took an afternoon to do this photos, Marcela and Carlos Just Recently Got engage on December 2018, they trusted me to do this Photos i was (as always) honored by the opportunity to got their love on my photos.

I choose Viejo Pochomil a gorgeous beach on Nicaragua Pacific coast, pretty close to Managua. The Earth give us an amazing sunset and I took advantage of it. Before we got into the beach I did take some time to have couple of different scenarios.

Thank you so much guys!


E M+C-34E M+C-37E M+C-38E M+C-56E M+C-65E M+C-117E M+C-121E M+C-140E M+C-143E M+C-150E M+C-181E M+C-202E M+C-205E M+C-232E M+C-244E M+C-264E M+C-331E M+C-343E M+C-354E M+C-401E M+C-420E M+C-424E M+C-441E M+C-454E M+C-465E M+C-468E M+C-493E M+C-511E M+C-527E M+C-532E M+C-535E M+C-545

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